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Part of the PFA Group

Expert environmental and toxicology consultancy

We deliver expert environmental and toxicology consultancy on the assessment and management of the hazards and risks of industrial chemicals. Working with regulatory bodies as well as industry, we offer a range of high-quality and cost-effective services.

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Peter Fisk Associates - Expert environmental and toxicology consultancy

The PFA Group companies are rebranding to Vitis Regulatory

We are bringing all of our scientists and support staff together to deliver the highest quality services under one banner.

Peter Fisk Associates - Germany

Vitis Regulatory announce a new team, based in Germany

We are delighted to announce that in partnership with Dr Stephan Goller, Vitis Regulatory has opened a new subsidiary consultancy: Vitis Regulatory GmbH, based in Bockenem, Lower Saxony (approx. 50 km from Hanover).

Peter Fisk Associates - Rebrand

New PFA owners look ahead to a bright future

New owners Oliver Warwick, Louise McLaughlin and Ros Wildey, already long-term employees and directors at PFA, look forward to the opportunity to develop and progress the business, while continuing to uphold its strong reputation.

Peter Fisk Associates - New owners

Innovation in sustainable chemistry.

We can help you develop sustainable and cost effective chemicals, by assessing acceptability in parallel with the discovery process. This means problems are resolved as they arise, rather than after product development is complete. You will also get more acceptable products to market more efficiently.

Peter Fisk Associates - Innovation in sustainable chemistry
Peter Fisk Associates - How we work

How we work

Support is our number one priority

We collaborate closely with our clients in order to harness their valuable insights and understanding of their needs. We are uniquely positioned as we work with both regulatory boards and industry bodies, giving us unparalleled insights and knowledge.

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