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Solvents Day at York University

June 16th, 2014

York Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence

PFA attended the Solvents Day at University of York Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence (GCCE) last week, giving a presentation on “How to harmonise chemical design and development with regulatory acceptability”.  The day was thought-provoking, and well-attended by both industry and academics.

Experts working together

PFA is currently working alongside the GCCE to provide expertise on information hazards and exposure scenarios associated with new and replacement solvents, with the agenda of assisting clients to develop safer solvents in the future. PFA has a steadily growing working relationship with the GCCE, a part of which has been contributing to the development of a sustainable solvent selection service, ‘S4’, which will be launched in the coming weeks. For more information on our services relating to green chemistry and solvents, please email us at info@ecotoxchem.co.uk