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Risk management & policy

Promoting and sustaining current markets, and long‐term strategies for substances and product innovation by facilitating scientific and economic analysis.

There are concerns about the use of chemicals, some justified and scientifically sound, and some based on weak evidence and speculation. In a world in which access to information is instant and sources are often not verified, there is a need to be clear and upfront about the benefits and risks of chemicals and products and how they are used.


Risk management & policy

Telling the story about products, backed by science and explained and presented in an accessible way, is essential so that relevant and correct information is provided for all stakeholders including customers, consumers, regulators and NGOs.

Policy on chemical products from both regulatory and marketing perspectives needs to be backed by good understanding of the science (e.g. toxicity and how humans and the environment can be exposed to chemicals). Combining sound science with economic analysis underpins credible and defendable decision‐making on those products which have a future, and that can bring real benefit to producers and consumers.

Planning and preparing for the future is essential for growth in a tightly regulated market. Opportunities for sustaining and growing markets for existing products and developing markets for new products depend on understanding the regulations, and assessing the risks and benefits of products and their uses, well in advance of actual regulatory pressure.

PFA‐Brussels works closely with clients to assess, analyse and develop strategies for substances that combine excellent understanding of the science with regulatory and policy understanding and economic analysis to help sustain and grow markets now and in the future.

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