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SAICM Considers Approach to 2020 Deadline

May 5th, 2014

The Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) is an international policy framework, which seeks to improve the global management of chemicals as part of sustainable development. The agenda of the framework is by 2020 to globally establish a way of producing and using chemicals that minimises associated adverse effects on human health and the environment. An integral aim of the initiative is to facilitate the establishment of regulatory frameworks in developing countries. In order to achieve global safe management of industrial chemicals, the new regulatory frameworks of developing countries should be equivalent to those currently in place in developed nations.

An ongoing development related to this agenda is a toolbox by the Inter-Organizational programme for the sound Management of Chemicals (IOMC). The toolbox consists of various modules related to chemical management, designed to help in the implementation of SAICM. The modules include regulation, classification and labelling, and occupational safety. A recent meeting of the representatives of the countries and organisations comprising SAICM took place in Paris, with the obstacles in meeting the 2020 deadline at the forefront of the discussion. Issues included lack of capacity in developing countries to implement measures, as well as the need for a more mainstream approach in developed countries, in order to raise awareness and help build momentum for change.

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