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Requirements of classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals set to change

August 7th, 2014

Classification and labelling are an important means by which hazards of chemicals are communicated by suppliers to users. Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 (the ‘CLP Regulation’) sets out important rules, including criteria for identification and diagrams for communication of the hazards.

For suppliers of substances, classification, labelling and packaging must already be in compliance with the CLP system. ECHA has recently produced a leaflet to increase awareness amongst producers and importers of chemicals. This is in preparation for the CLP deadline of 1 June 2015, when classification of formulated products (mixtures) in line with the CLP Regulation will become mandatory. Until then, a transitional arrangement is in place which accepts classification, labelling and packaging in line with the previous legislation (according to the ‘Dangerous Preparations Directive’).

The main impact of the change in regulatory framework is that a vast number of products will need to be re-labelled to continue to be compliant and allowed to remain on the market. After 1 June 2015 the new rules will affect all formulated products marketed in Europe. This includes products aimed at industrial and professional users, as well as those available to the general public.

More information on reviewing the classification and labelling of mixtures is available on the ECHA website.

For more information and consultancy services to help implement the obligatory changes, please contact us for further expert advice on classification and labelling.