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UK vote to leave the EU

June 24th, 2016

Today we have all heard the news that the UK’s national referendum has come out in favour of leaving the European Union. On a personal level, all of the Directors of Peter Fisk Associates Limited are very disappointed by this outcome, and are concerned for the implications in many respects, not just business.

Our subsidiary company PFA-Brussels Sprl has been running since January 2016 and has been an unqualified success, offering advocacy and strategic support services associated with regulatory compliance; it has helped us to grow our business with existing customers and to make new contacts. However, current staffing levels in Brussels are much lower than at the PFA office in the UK.

The Directors and owners of the PFA group of companies want to assure our existing clients that we are ready to deal with the uncertainties that now follow from the referendum result.

Key points are:

  • We consider that it is unlikely that there will be short-term consequences affecting current work, but will consult our financial advisors based in the UK and Brussels.
  • We will increase the number of staff at PFA-Brussels Sprl rapidly.
  • The Brussels and UK-based businesses will both be maintained and developed.

Planning for all the possible business scenarios is never easy, but such an approach will enable us to be prepared for, and react appropriately to, the new and developing business context.

PFA’s present and future clients should have confidence in our strong commitment to their needs, regardless of the future political landscape.