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Vitis Regulatory Re-brand FAQs

Here are some guidelines on how the name change will and will not impact the business.

What happens next?

We are in the process of notifying the relevant regulatory and government bodies of the transition to our new name.

Beginning from now onwards, you will begin to see the Peter Fisk Associates Limited and PFA-Brussels SRL brands transition to Vitis Regulatory.

What does the change of name mean for ongoing projects?

The name change does not indicate any change in the daily operations of the businesses. All assets, rights, obligations and contractual relationships remain unchanged. Our administrative team will ensure that there is minimum burden for our customers.

Are PFA’s phone numbers and email addresses changing?

Telephone numbers will not change. In due course we will inform our contacts directly about new email addresses becoming active, but please be assured that a generous transition period will apply, so that emails sent to your contacts’ previous email addresses will continue to be delivered to them.

What is the purpose of rebranding to Vitis Regulatory?

The main goal of the rebranding the PFA Group companies to Vitis Regulatory it is to reflect our commitment to working as a team. We are bringing all of our scientists and support staff together to deliver the highest quality services under one banner. Our new name reflects our forward-looking aims to strengthen and grow, building on the roots of the last 27 years working as PFA.

Has Peter Fisk Associates been taken over?

No, there has been no take-over. Vitis Regulatory is a new name that we have selected ourselves.

Where can I get more information about the transition?

If you have specific questions about the renaming process, or about our services, please don’t hesitate to ask via your usual contacts, or contact us via this website.