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PFA at Hansen Solubility Parameters conference, York, April 2017

April 18th, 2017

The Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP) is used in many areas of chemical research and development. Its function is to describe molecular interactions, such as solvation and solubility.

The HSP50 conference, held in York earlier this month, was a celebration of the 50 years since Charles Hansen developed these parameters. About 100 industrial and academic researchers from around the whole world attended – including Hansen himself. Highlights included keynote lectures from the ‘HSPiP’ software and application development experts Steven Abbott and Hiroshi Yamamoto.

Peter Fisk, PFA’s Managing Director, was honoured to be invited to give a plenary lecture. Peter’s lecture, entitled “Examination of the relevance of HSP to prediction of environmental hazards”, covered topics such as persistence, bioaccumulation, aquatic toxicity, and hence the PBT assessment of chemicals. The lecture also provided an overview of REACH, for the benefit of the audience members from a research rather than regulatory context, followed by some preliminary findings. 

Charles Hansen was very pleased to hear about PFA’s work and gave strong encouragement to us to carry on. The next step will be to publish the work we have done, which shows that HSP properties do relate to PBT. The challenge will be how to address statistically the interrelationships, because traditional linear regression does not seem to be a good way to quantify the patterns observed.

The work will also be presented in a poster at SETAC Europe in Brussels in May 2017.