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Gearing up for Green Toxicology

October 8th, 2013

An interesting piece on Green Toxicology, ‘Giving screening the green light,’ has been published in this month’s issue of Chemistry World magazine (Vol. 10, No. 10, October 2013). Emma Davies’s article focuses on the new and exciting work done in the field, where “a growing number of chemists are turning to toxicological tools to screen for potential environmental and health hazards during the early stages of chemical design.” Marti Mulvihill, director of Berkeley’s Center for Green Chemistry, emphasizes the importance of a ‘real world’ approach. He reasons that the push for early-stage toxicology streaming is led by industry rather than academia: “[t]he public are already asking for it and regulators are considering it but academic journals aren’t looking at it yet…the drivers in the real world are more pressing than the drivers in academia.” The new research in the field of Green Chemistry in world-class universities in the U.S. and Europe is done in conversation and collaboration with industry R&D departments, working towards cleaner chemical solutions of global dimensions.

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