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EU authorities to inspect communication of information on hazardous substances in the supply chain and at workplaces

January 31st, 2017

The importance of communication in the supply chain is highly significant and a key focus of REACH legislation. The information supplied on hazardous substances needs to be clear between all sectors to ensure safe handling and use.  This is facilitated with clear communication during the REACH process, all the way through from the downstream users to the suppliers and registrants.

In order to monitor this, enforcement authorities from 28 EU and EAA member states will be inspecting worker safety. One of the main aims of the inspections is to make sure accurate, suitable safety information is given to workers handling hazardous substances, especially substances of very high concern (SVHCs) and that this information is being implemented in the workplace.

To achieve this aim, the extended safety data sheets (eSDS) will be under scrutiny. The safety data sheets will be compared against the Chemical Safety Reports (CSRs) to ensure the information corresponds and the exposure scenarios attached to the eSDS will be examined.

The inspectors will also be assessing how the information from the eSDS is passed through the supply chain, from chemical manufacturers to users.

The first inspection is due to take place Jan 2017 and throughout the year. Reports on the inspection results will be available Q4 2018.

The enforcement projects can be viewed at – https://echa.europa.eu/about-us/who-we-are/enforcement-forum/forum-enforcement-projects