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Downstream Users, exposure scenarios and scaling

March 10th, 2014

Many downstream users (DUs) utilize chemicals classified as hazardous under REACH legislation. It is the responsibility of the supplier to provide DUs with extended safety data sheets (eSDSs), which include exposure scenarios. Information is provided about the life cycle of the substance, and the ways in which people and the environment may be exposed to it, whether through manufacture; industrial, professional, or consumer use.

Exposure scenarios produced by suppliers relate to specific contexts, and do not always match with the uses of DUs. As ECHA have outlined in their practical guide How downstream users can handle exposure scenarios, “the risk may still be adequately controlled.” These differences can be overcomed; variations between conditions can be compensated, through a process called scaling.

The inapplicability of exposure scenarios is a continuing issue for DUs and is in need of attention. At PFA, we can help DUs understand the regulatory requirements and, through the process of scaling, implement solutions.