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Building Sustainable Solvent Solutions for Industry,  Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence,  University of York , 30th April 2015

May 28th, 2015

PFA has an active interest in the development of sustainable, safer chemicals and has formed a link with the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence (GCCE) at the  University of York (UK).  As part of its work, GCCE organise seminars and workshops to engage with industry on sustainable solvents. PFA was invited to speak at ‘Building Sustainable Solvent Solutions for Industry’ at which industry representatives, academics and technical consultants came together to share knowledge, ideas and experiences regarding the discovery and development of safer solvents.  The day comprised a series of interactive talks and workshops covering the discovery and uses of novel solvents, the development of products from sustainable sources – such as biosolvents – and the regulations that govern the assessment and marketing of solvent products.

PFA’s talk was entitled ‘Selecting Safer Solvents – Considerations for Future-Proofing’.  The talk set out a methodology for identification of solvation parameters alongside screening for regulatory acceptability, and consideration of customer and consumer acceptability.  This links to a GCCE initiative in which PFA is involved – the Sustainable Solvent Selection Service – ‘S4’ (explained in a talk given by a representative from GCCE), which provides a service to profile and assess the technical, regulatory and economic acceptability of substitute and new solvents.

More information on GCCE can be found here. See this page for information on PFA’s substitution services.