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About PFA

We are proud of our diverse team, whose field-leading chemicals assessment work is rooted in expertise, respect and an ethos of delivering high quality.

Peter Fisk Associates - About us

PFA's approach

Peter Fisk Associates - Our approach

Many substances present unique challenges: unusual chemical properties, hazards, and unexpected test results can make compliance with regulatory requirements a challenging prospect.

Our view is that it is fundamental to understand the chemistry in detail in each case and to never consider the work as being routine. We believe firmly in collaborating closely with our sponsors in order to harness their valuable insights and understanding of their needs.

PFA’s expertise and experience enable us to advise on what is realistically achievable and worthwhile in assessing chemical safety.

PFA's vision and values

Peter Fisk Associates Limited and PFA-Brussels SRL exist to provide paid employment for our staff and directors. We achieve this by delivering scientific consultancy services to industry and government/agency clients in the chemicals and associated sectors. The company values integrity, openness, cooperation and mutual respect and therefore our staff is our greatest asset.

Our vision is to maintain and grow as successful and well-respected businesses that contribute to the sustainable production and use of chemicals for generations to come. We manage the businesses conscientiously and in a way that:

  • supports our employees to develop and succeed in roles that they find rewarding and motivating
  • maintains the highest standards of science, quality and professionalism
  • ensures sufficient profitability to support fair remuneration and growth
  • balances workload with the well-being of our employees
  • promotes the application of our technical and scientific skills and knowledge to innovate and meet new challenges
  • builds on the legacy of the business that Peter Fisk founded and led for 25 years.

O Warwick, L McLaughlin, R Wildey (owners and directors), February 2021

PFA's history

Read about the history and development of PFA, and the pivotal moments that have shaped who we are today

The story of PFA
Peter Fisk Associates - Explore our history

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PFA has a focused team of experienced chemists, toxicologists and ecotoxicologists, with ready access to other experts in a wide range of disciplines.

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