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2012 Updates to ECHA Guidance

January 16th, 2013

In recent months ECHA has published online some significant and useful updated guidance to registrants. Particularly significant developments have affected the endpoint-specific guidance for physical chemistry (part R7a of the Guidance on information requirements and chemical safety assessment; substantially revised layout and content); the Data Submission Manual 5 (to bring the guidance into line with changes to IUCLID 5.4).

Additionally, the Guidance on CLP and application of the classification criteria has been brought up to date with the requirements of the latest adaptations to technical progress. Numerous other guidance documents have been re-issued, with more minor corrections and updates.

Since 1 December 2012 a moratorium is now in place so that there will be no further changes to official Guidance until after the Phase 2 deadline, to avoid late changes of approach and allow registrants to focus in preparation of their dossiers for timely registration.